Three Willows Farm Welcomes You

From our family, to yours.

Who we are...

We are a small family farm in Northeast Ohio.  We started with just four chickens when our oldest son was two.  This year, he turned 11, and our farm has grown nearly as much as he has! 

Today, we have Nigerian dwarf goats that come from some of the best lines across the country, we also have chickens for a colorful variety of eggs!  This is our third year raising a hog.  Every year we are grateful to watch our pig grow, and live happy on our farm.  Knowing where your food comes from is important to us! Meat chickens are new this year.  They are a funny breed to watch! The difference in meat is so clear, we'll never buy chicken from the store again! 

My favorite part of the farm this year has been the garden!  This has been our best year so far!  The plants are all huge, and yielding an excess!  

It is our goal to be able to share our farm with others!


Farm Fresh Eggs

Happy chickens lay lots of eggs!  Our chickens lay a beautiful variety of colored eggs.  From white, to dark chocolate, to blues and greens!

Nigerian Dwarf Goats

We love these curious animals!  Goats are so funny to watch. In 2020 our farm added our herd sire, Grue, who came all the way from Castle Rock farms in California!

Specialty Pickles

These are our best selling item!  Click on 'Pickles' at the top to explore our varieties!




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